Element 3D V2 After Effects plug-ins from VideoCopilot.net is now out.

Element 3D V2 After Effects plug-ins (CS5, CS6, CC & CC 2014) from VideoCopilot.net is now out. A 3D Object Based Particle Engine for After Effects. Element 3D allows you to import 3D objects created in Cinema 4D and OBJ into Adobe After Effects. From there you can manipulate them using a unique particle array system that can distribute 3D objects into any shape!

Element 3D also supports your UV texture coordinates so importing and rebuilding your textures is easier than ever. This only brushes the surface of what Video Copilot Element 3D can create. Try it today and let your imagination come to life.

What's New?

- This new release is a massive overhaul with many big features. Here's a sampling: New for C4D Users: Element 3D V2 let's you import most materials and textures from C4D automatically! Option to convert any image to a normal bump map.

- New Specular Model! - The new spec model takes advantage of the new physical shader system and features a natural light falloff helps create more realistic shaders! You can even get the specular to be much smaller and sharp or large and diffused. May seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference!

For more informations and details about this product plug-ins : Video Copilot Element 3D v2 informations and buy link or http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2014/12/element-3d-v2-now-available/

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