What's New in Nuke 10

Coming soon in NUKE 10

The NUKE tools you use every day are about to get a whole lot better. Coming in early 2016, NUKE 10 focuses on enhancing performance, increasing stability, blitzing bugs and delivering new functionality in the areas that matter most to artists: paint, rendering, playback, export and more.

NEW in NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO: Smart Paint Toolset

For NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO artists, the new Smart Paint toolset from The Foundry's research team delivers a powerful new workflow for adding textures or paint to image sequences that contain complex motion or subtle detail. The Smart Paint toolset lets you generate and use advanced motion vectors to automatically push or warp an input image sequence across a range of frames, replacing tedious and error-prone manual clean-up, beauty work and texture application with a simple and accurate automated process.

NEW in NUKE: Powerful ray Trace Rendering

NUKE'S Ray Render node adds a native ray trace rendering engine to NUKE. Offering many areas of improvement over the existing Scanline Renderer, Ray Render produces very high degrees of visual realism by delivering higher quality motion blur and shadows; point light shadow support; faster nonlinear spherical projection; and extended support for reflections and ambient occlusion and all with a lower memory footprint for better scalability.

NEW in NUKE STUDIO: Real-Time Keying on the Timeline

NUKE STUDIO's new Chroma Keyer soft effect delivers real-time keying directly in the timeline for the first time. Built using the new Blink Script GLSL functionality, the Chroma Keyer soft effect is a GPU-accelerated blue and green screen keyer that's optimized for playback, while still offering a sophisticated enough toolset to produce a final-quality key. When used in conjunction with the Overlay Track feature, the Chroma Keyer soft effect lets you make adjustments in context.